Strategy A business strategy, in simple terms, is a documented plan for how an organization is setting out to achieve their goals. A business strategy contains a number of key principles that outlines how a company will go about attaining these goals.  The reason why having a strategy is so important is because it gives business time to get a sense of how they are performing, what their capabilities are, and if these capabilities are able to help them grow.  Read More ..

TeamWORK -  Why is teamwork important? Well, it’s one thing to create a team, but quite another to create teamwork. Just as it’s one thing to join a team, but quite another to perform as a team member. To put it simply, teams don’t work without teamwork.   Read More ..

Reputation The reputation of a business is essential to its survival. The trust and confidence of the consumer can have a direct and profound effect on a company’s bottom line.  Read More ..

Optimization – Your business culture or philosophy is the ultimate key to your productivity and success.  It will either enable or disable everything else you do.  When working with clients we soon discovered that if the culture of an organization was wrong, the impact of even the best business growth techniques would be severely limited or crippled.  Too many organizations only pay lip service to these factors and as a result, they constantly struggle to make real progress. Develop the right business culture is key to your success as everything you do hinges around this fundamental aspect of your business.  Read More ..

Nurturing - Business creativity is what keeps businesses alive and thriving in this economy — and through the next. It is a thinking skill that all workers possess but few find the wherewithal to use.  Why? Because after we go to school, most of us believe that creativity is an art form that belongs to someone else. This is a sad state for our world. Because we need business creativity and we need more of it — now.  Read More ..

Growth - Business growth is imperative for the survival of any company because customers’ tastes change and products become obsolete. At the same time, competitors constantly attack the market share rivals with better products and services. Many big companies started small and grew to a more robust size by initiating appropriate strategies and building on opportunities. Small-business managers need to adopt an appropriate growth strategy based on the circumstances of their businesses. Managers rely on internal strategies, external strategies or a combination of these to increase their sales volume or production capacity.  Read More ..


A business model is different from a business strategy. A mission is different from a vision. A business plan is different from a strategic plan. Marketing is different than growth. Understanding the difference is essential.  Read More...

Our S.T.R.O.N.G Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) Approach

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