Free Growth Workshops - “Leveraging the 21st Century Collaborative Economy” Series (1-2-hr sessions)

  1. The Power of Cause Association – Community is the New Currency
  2. The Power of Crowdfunding – Using Social Capital to Grow
  3. The Power of Results-Performance Based Financing and Services – Directly Aligning Investors and Services Providers with a Business Plan
  4. The Power of Virtual-Flex Careers and Workforce
  5. The Power of the Lean-Business Model Canvas – The Importance of Validating Your Business Model/Product Before Diving “All-In”
Subsidized Business Boot-Camps (multi-session events)
  1. Your Purpose – A Business without true purpose and passion, Isn’t!
  2. Your Business Plan – A Business without a plan achieves everything in It!
  3. Your Cash-Flow - A Business that doesn’t make profit/generate cash is a Hobby
  4. Your Marketing - Marketing is everything and everything is Marketing
  5. Your Sales -  Nothing happens until we sell Something
  6. Your Staff - Fun business hires the brightest and keeps the Brightest
Custom Mentoring Sessions (private 1-on-1 session)
  1. Completing the Business-Career Growth Checklist                                                                   One Model - Five-Key Components
  2. Completing the Lean Business or Mission Model                                                                         See Why it's a Must Before Your Dive "All-In"