1. Picking the Right Path to Cash Flow
  2. Picking the Right Path to Customers and Revenue
  3. Picking the Right Path to Capital
  4. Picking the Right Path to Expense Management
  5. Picking the Right Path to Career Development
  1. Completing Your Business Innovation & Growth ("BIG") Plan   
  2. Completing Your Lean Business or Non-Profit Canvas - A One-Page Visual Plan
  3. Completing Your Career Development Plan

Group Educational Events
Mentoring & Coaching 
"Pick the Right Path" Workshops 
Growth-Solution Specific Workshops 
Private Planning Sessions
  1. Why and How to Do a Lean Canvas Before Your Business or Mission Plan
  2. Project-Based Internships; A "Win-Win" for Students, Businesses, Non-Profits and the Community
  3. The Power of Community Marketing - Cause-Related, Culturally Relevent, Career & Capital Related 
  4. The Power of 21st Century Social Capital - Understanding Crowdfunding and More 
  5. Meeting 21st Century  Threats - Identity Theft, Data Breach, Cyber and Physical Security