Founded in 2015, we are a non-profit organization that has been helping businesses, and non-profits start, grow and achieve their goals.   In 2019, we launched a career center that matches the personal and professional goals of individuals with the needs of the organizations we support. 
Business Workshops (see overviews& Transformational Boot-Camps (see overviews)     
Who Can Benefit From These :   Those Looking to Validate an Idea/Test a Non-Profit Mission, Start and/or Grow a Business or Non-Profit
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Career Achievement & Advancement Workshops   
Who Can Benefit From These:   Students (currently in-School or those looking for 1st job), Active Professionals - Looking for a Change, Retirees or Semi-Retired looking for extra income or the rewards of giving back to the Community
Personal Wellness & Security Workshops 
Who Can Benefit From These:  Individuals, Familiers and Employees
Our Workshops & 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • Business and Non-Profit Start-Up and Growth:
    Business Innovation and Growth Check-Up - Learn more...
    - Performance-Based Financing Program                                                                   
    - Community Themed Innovation Challenges - Learn more...    
  • Career Advancement & Achievements:
    Project-Based Assignments & Advisors Program - Learn more...
    - For-Cause & Community Networking Program - Learn more...
  • Personal Wellness and Security
    - Longevity & Retirement Readiness Check-Up - Learn more...
    - Information Safety and Physical Security Check-Up - Learn more...
Our Supporting Programs
It All Starts With Education!